Trees Have Roots

Yours are Important

By Maureen Gibb


Members will notice on the other side a blank Ancestor Tree. It represents the first step to collect and organize the family trees or even fragments of family trees of families with roots in the Braes of Glenlivet. I do hope that most of you will participate in this project. Please complete the form with as many generations of family information as you can with relationships, dates and very importantly with dwelling names, as these help to identify different people/families with the same surname. Two (2) copies of your completed form are required as one set will be made available locally the other set will be sent to a researcher in the States.

Why you ask? Very recently 1 had an email from Laryn Brown in the States who has been researching his wife’s roots in the Braes. He had read my article in "Thistledown" online, outlining this project, and has become an enthusiastic supporter. He is in the computer business and would like to establish a database available online for the use of those interested in their Glenlivet Braes Roots. He has taken ten years to research his wife’s roots; it would have been so much easier if local Ancestor Trees had been available.

A hard copy set of Trees would be available locally. The venue is still not in place but once the Trees in plastic sleeves within indexed three ringed binders are ready they will be available for local families and researchers to check for relevant Trees and information. Copies could be made for a reasonable charge. Once in place access to information both online and hard copy would run smoothly. Perhaps there is a genealogically minded enthusiast locally, who would love to be an active participant in this ongoing project?

The success of this project depends on your participation and support. Researchers in various parts of the world are spending so much time tracking down their Glenhivet Braes roots, often duplicating previously done research, when creating a family history for their family and descendants would have been so much easier with the proposed database.

Alasdair Roberts has kindly given his support and prior to the Scalan Mass on 3 July 2005 he will be playing his pipes near a deposit box awaiting the envelope with the completed copies (2) of your family tree. I shall be in Scotland in August and plan to visit the Braes for a few days. I shall then collect the Trees and make arrangements for access to the set to be held locally; the other set I shall send to the States.

Since I retired 1 have been researching family history (Stuarts of East Auchavaich), and was lucky to have a main line tree already researched by an aunt. I had a good "head start". I have since become part of a dedicated group of Glenlivet/Braes family researchers — all inter-related, we find — here in Canada, the States, England and, of course, Scotland. We keep in contact by e-mail, regularly exchanging trees and information that help to make our research so much easier and more rewarding.

Please return your "Trees" with as much information as you have, it all helps. They can be returned at the Scalan Mass or emailed:

Maureen Gibb

Word File of Record of Ancestors for completion (Download)