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Gonzalez Byass Bodega in Jerez

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Gabriel Gonzalez-Gordon Gilbey





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Gabriel and Mauricio,

descendents of John David Gordon of Wardhouse.



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Manuel Maria Gonzalez Angel

founder of Gonzalez Byass Bodega









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Victor Ramos Catalina Y Gordon


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Alfonso Gordon Sanchis

Baron de Borriol; son of the Conde de Mirasol


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The Spanish Gordons at Beldorney Castle

with Mr Jolyon Robinson


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Christina Gordon Sanchiz


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Wardhouse or Gordon House Today

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The Grandaughter and Great

Grandchildren of Rafael Gordon

survey the ruins

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Ten Spanish Gordons at Wall-a-Kirk, Glass


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Wardhouse Farm with Norman and Annie Smith


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At Beldorney Nairn where Rafael died

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The Gordon Sanchiz meet the Catalina Gordon Family at Gordon 2000


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The Marquis of Huntly meets Victor Ramos Catalina y Gordon

at Gordon 2000

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Alfonso Rafael Gordon Sanchiz y Wardhouse

Born 23 July 2001

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October 2001 the three Alfonso Gordons

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First Conde de Mirasol

Governor of Puerto Rico & Defender of Bilbao

James Arthur Gordon.jpg (25930 bytes)

James Arthur Gordon

b Jerez 1759 d 824

The Gordons in Spain

The Historian J.M.Bulloch wrote an article on the Gordons in Spain in 1908 and most of our knowledge relies on his scholarly research. His article is beautifully written and conveys a warm regard for the Spanish Gordons; it does however end   with the sad death of Rafael Gordon, laird of Wardhouse and Conde de Mirasol suddenly on August 1st  1934 at Beldorney in Nairn.

The Gordon Spanish connection was forged by John David Gordon in the 18th Century who settled in Jerez and with his Uncle Arthur began to make a fortune and a name in the Sherry industry. It was this John David Gordon who donated 1000 of the 1500 needed to build St Margaret’s Chapel in Huntly in 1934 as the first Post Roman catholic Emancipation Church built with a steeple. Later 7 paintings possibly by Jose Maria Romero and an altar were sent but more of them soon.

When Rafael died in 1934 he left a widow and daughter according to Bulloch and the story closes. The sad nature of events is increased by the fact that all that is left in the cemetery at Wall-a-kirk is a simple wooden cross with no mention of Rafael save the plaque to commemmorate the burial of previous Spanish Gordons there.

There is however a happy ending to the story although it has taken the time since the regime of Primo de Riviera, through Franco till Juan Carlos for the Spanish Gordons to be traced to their descendents in Spain today.

The present Conde de Mirasol lives in Seville and Madrid and his son Alfonso the Baron de Boriol lives and works in Seville. He is to be married in June and intends visiting Scotland.

Gabriel Gonzalez-Gordon Gilbey lives in Jerez and is active in the Sherry Trade internationally as head of Gonzales Byass.

Mauricio Gonzalez-Gordon Diez, the Marques de Bonanza lives in Jerez and is a retired past President of Gonzalez Byass.

Victor Ramos Catalina y Gordon lives in Jerez and his daughter Myriam visited St Margaret’s Chapel and Wardhouse last year.

As heads of their respective families these men can all claim a Spanish Gordon connection and their family trees all trace back to the earliest of the Spanish Gordons.



During the past week various events have been taking place commemorating the connecting between the Spanish Gordons and the town of Huntly. Particularly significant in these commemorative events are the celebrations concerning St Margaret’s Church and the Spanish Gordons.

On Friday there was an Organ Recital in St Margaret’s, in the presence of the Bishop and the Vicar General, given by Judith Fellowes -Gordon, who was married to the late Ian Douglas Fellowes - Gordon, 18th Laird of Knockespoch.

Mrs Fellowes - Gordon is the Organist of Rhynie Parish Church but continues her studies at Aberdeen University with Dr David Smith, an Oxford scholar and musician.

Among those attending the recital were members of the Gonzales family(of Gonzales Byass Sherry fame, mentioned in last November’s Newsletter) from Jerez de La Frontera. They are related to the benefactor John David Gordon who supplied money to build St Margaret’s Chapel in Huntly.


Also attending were members of the Gordon -Sanchiz families who are direct descendants of the Gordon family that owned Wardhouse, Beldorney and Kildrummy at one stage losing the property due to the Spanish Civil War c.1934.


At a special sung Mass on Sunday 6th August Senor Victor Ramos Catalina y Gordon attended with his family.  In total 17 members of the Spanish Gordons attended the Organ Recital and special Mass in the splendour of the beautiful Church in Huntly so generously supported by their ancestors.


St Margaret’s Church was opened in 1834, and the chapel was dedicated to St Margaret Queen and Patroness of Scotland. The form of the Church is octagonal, with a beautiful front facade surmounted by a spire, terminating in a crown and a cross. St Margaret’s was also the first chapel in Scotland after the Reformation to have a bell. In 1840, the altar piece and the paintings, which can still be seen, arrived from the Gordon family of Jerez in Spain.

The interior of the church was redecorated between 1894 and 1908, and remained the same until the recent restoration. In 1993 St Margaret’s celebrated the 900th Anniversary of St Margaret of Scotland.



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