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Peter Anson

I became interested in the work of Peter Anson many years ago and living in the North East of Scotland there are still many who appreciate the man especially for his work around the fishing ports of the North East of Scotland and for the way he drew so many of our beautiful Roman Catholic Churches.

Peter was prolific in his work and moved to many parts of the world in his life leaving a legacy to all who knew him; he also gifted a great deal of his work to individuals and to Moray Council, Scottish Catholic Archives and others.

What I would like to do is present some of his work and enlist the help of everyone to become able to simply know of the existence of his work with a view to cataloguing it somewhere; if you can help me please contact me.


Anson's Written Works

Fishermen and Fishing Ways

Irish Pilgrimage

Caravan Pilgrim

Art of Anson

Individual Collected Work