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Scalan College 1716-1799

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Scalan Homily at Annual Mass 6 th July

"The time by the goodness of God will come, when the Catholic religion will again flourish in Scotland; and then, when posterity shall enquire, with a laudable curiosity, by what means any sparks of the true faith were preserved in these dismal times of darkness and error, Scalan and the other colleges will be mentioned with veneration, and all that can be recorded concerning them will be recorded with care. . ."

(Rev. John Geddes, Rector of Scalan 1762-67)

The Scalan Association preserves the building at Scalan and promotes knowledge of its history in Scotland and further afield. The subscription for membership of the Scalan Association stands at �10 per annum. The policy of the Association has been not to raise the subscription but to encourage those who are able to give more if they feel able.

Payment of the subscription entitles members to receive the two editions of the "Scalan News" produced each year which give information on any developments with the building, articles on Scottish Catholic History and local history, an invitation to the AGM and any extraordinary meetings deemed necessary.
The Annual Mass at Scalan is on the first Sunday in July at 4.00 p.m.

This  member,s area has the Scalan News past editions and information on Roman Catholic Churches in the diocese of Aberdeen and in particular their History.
 Each link has photographs and a brief history.

President: Fr. James Thomson

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